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Check Out Cookie Monster

Kanye Pickles


In a way, it’s amazing that the TV show Dinosaurs ever even happened. A family sitcom featuring humans in full-size dinosaur costumes? The internet continues to show love for ABC’s audacious programming decision: a staycationing father (whose family was out of town) recently spent a few days making a music video for Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” using clips from the show. Dinosaurs forever.

Don’t Throw Back Thursday

Thanks, Ethan!

Tobias Jesso Jr. Vs. The World

In 2012, Tobias Jesso Jr. got dumped, was hit by a car, had his bike stolen, and found out his mom had cancer. He went home to be by her side, started writing mostly sad songs, and everyone loved them, from Adele to Jimmy Fallon.

Hear Tobias’ crazy story on the latest sideshow podcast:


Imagine a pipe organist with Bowie-esque showmanship and Backstreet Boy sensibilities. You don’t have to imagine, actually. Cameron Carpenter​ already exists.

How Is DST Still A Thing?

Last Week Tonight​ asks the question we all ask every year when we spring forward: How Is This Still A Thing? Of course, they don’t come up with any good answers, because there aren’t any. Oh, and Daylight Saving Time evidently has nothing to do with farmers. And it’s “saving,” not “savings.” Thanks TV/internet!

Saves The Glizzy

Some weeks ago, friend of the Goods James Ramsay told me he was shocked no one had yet made a mashup of Saves The Day’s “At Your Funeral” and Shy Glizzy’s “Funeral.” As a fan of both songs, I shared his amazement and immediately asked the mysterious (and great) Breakmaster Cylinder if he could make dreams come true. He did:

New Wallpaper At Goodo HQ

Camels Are A Guy’s Best Friend