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What Does Kai Ryssdal Have In Common With The RZA?

Peter Grosz was a panelist for Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! at RadioLoveFest, and that means the eventual broadcast will have at least one extra listener because he admitted to only tuning in when he’s a guest. The public radio quiz show presented an evening of fun, games, and Steve Buscemi onstage at BAM’s Opera House in Brooklyn late last week. Before taking the stage, Grosz told me about his favorite public radio shows and podcasts.

Unsurprisingly, Grosz is a fan of This American Life, and he has the Ira Glass impression to prove it. He likes Marketplace, too, but you wouldn’t know from his attempt to spell “Kai Ryssdal.”

Sorry / Not Sorry

Mom At The Whitney Museum

True Detective Season Poo

How does Barclay the pup feel about the second season of True Detective? Watch for the thrilling reveal:

Key & Peele 2016

Welcome to Black Pleasantville. Key & Peele aren’t the comedians we deserve, but they’re the ones we need right now.

Fresh To Death

Sideshow + Video = BAM

I Heart Fuckabees

Thanks, Slade!

GOT Jokes?

Arya Stark: Hello, I’m Ned Stark’s youngest daughter.
You: Arya?

Thanks, Alex!

The Chase