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Bartending Bigotry

A string and his friends walk into a bar, and the string goes up to get a drink and the bartender says, “We don’t serve strings here.” So the string ties himself in a loop and does up the top of his head and then goes up to the bar, and the bartender goes, “Uh . . . are you a string?” And the string goes, “No, I’m a frayed knot.”

Now That’s How You Let The Beat Build, Fish

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Queen B

Saw Beyoncé come out at Barclay’s the other night. She came out in a cape.

This Is For All You Lovers Out There

You Used To Vote Me In Your Poll Booth

The dance you do when your home and native finally votes in a new PM.

“New York Times Trying To Keep A Straight Face” Is The Best NYTimes

Kangaroo Bounces Away From Staten Island Home

OCTOBER 17, 2015

When Urim Osmani opened his auto repair shop in Staten Island on Saturday morning, he was not surprised to see a tawny animal crouching nearby.

“At first it looked like a small deer,” Mr. Osmani said, adding that deer from the woods nearby sometimes wandered close to his shop.

Then the animal reared up on its hind legs and started hopping around in a parking lot near Victory Boulevard. Mr. Osmani realized it was a kangaroo.

He said that he and his brother were not frightened — the one-and-a-half-year-old male stood only three feet tall and weighed 22 pounds, the police said.

“It was running around like crazy and we didn’t want it to get hit by a car,” Mr. Osmani said.

Det. Sophia Mason said officers arrived on the scene at 8:36 a.m. and that the kangaroo, named Buster, was “taken into custody without incident” after 10 to 15 minutes. The animal was returned to his owner. Detective Mason said she could not confirm the owner’s name because he had not been arrested.

The detective said the kangaroo escaped from a fenced-in yard on Victory Boulevard and Travis Avenue, but that he did not leap over the fence. “Someone left the gate unlocked and he was able to get loose,” she said.

The house from which Buster escaped was registered to Giovanni Schirripa and two other people with the same last name. This was not the first time an exotic animal had escaped after Mr. Schirripa’s gate was left open. In 2012, a pony named Casper and a zebra named Razzi ambled out of his yard. At the time, Mr. Schirripa said that it was Casper’s third escape.

New York City law says it is illegal to keep a kangaroo or any other marsupial in the five boroughs, unless the animal is at a zoo, laboratory, circus or veterinary hospital.

Mr. Osmani said he had heard about the zebra. This was his first encounter with a kangaroo, he said, and he said Buster seemed to be having fun.

“He was jumping around, running around, very fast,” Mr. Osmani said. “Enjoying the freedom.”