Stay (Wasting Time)

Stay (Wasting Time)

There’s something charming about wasting time. Don’t agree? This man said so and made tons of rubles.

There’s something equally — if not more — charming about wasting time on the Internet. Don’t agree? Well, neither does this man, but he’s unwittingly kicking the proverbial can down the inevitable road.

A week ago today, Google did humanity a solid and provided an innocuous, inconspicuous way to waste eons of time, as long as your speakers were turned off. You may have noticed:

You can’t play our image, but man, could you play theirs. According to the CBC, Google’s playable tribute to the 30-year-old Man of Pac squandered five million man-hours. To put that in perspective, the Great Wall of China was built inside a fortnight.

Somewheres in Seattle, there’s a company called Rescue Time that researches time-management to optimize nine-to-five efficiency. I’m sure they have honest intentions. According to their data, googlers were taking significantly more time to execute searches last Friday: A typical Google search takes about 11 seconds; a Pac-Man google averaged around 47. Booya.

Regrettably, Rescue Time’s president estimated that only a paltry percentage of searchers realized that the logo was playable:

I’d wager that 75 percent of the people who saw the logo had no idea that you could actually play it. Which the world should be thankful for.

We here at Goodosphere respectfully disagree.

Also, Rescue Time should be the title of an edge of your seat sci-fi thriller starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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