The Very Gay Inaugural Post Of Goodosphere’s New Correspondent!

The Very Gay Inaugural Post Of Goodosphere’s New Correspondent!

Before I try to make sense of all the news about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy and its fate, I want to thank Sean for making me a contributor to the excellent Goodosphere blog. I’m really excited to be a part of it.

If you’ve been following the recent news about DADT and still can’t figure out what’s happening, don’t worry. As of right now, no one can. The Senate tried to get the policy repealed by attaching the repeal to the defense budget, the Republicans filibustered and repeal failed, U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Philips ruled that the policy to be unconstitutional, military recruiters began accepting openly gay applicants and stopped enforcing the policy, the Department of Justice appealed the decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay allowing the military to continue to enforce the policy, and now we’re waiting to see if enforcement does indeed resume.

But take comfort in this: if the Department of Justice appeals this all the way to the Supreme Court, I am almost certain that the policy will die there.  Even though Justice Anthony Kennedy can be kind of an ass hat broken butterfly sometimes, he has a really good record on these kinds of things! And before gay rights activists get super pissed at the Obama administration for allowing the DOJ to appeal Judge Philips’ decision, I would remind them that this is actually kind of an important custom.

Consider this scary hypothetical that Walter Dellinger, former Solicitor General under Bill Clinton, set up on the Rachel Maddow show a few nights ago: what if a U.S. District Court judge under a Republican POTUS found the new healthcare law to be unconstitutional, and the DOJ decided not to appeal that decision for purely ideological reasons. Shitty, right? Seventy-five percent of Americans think it sucks that gay people get kicked out of the military for being who they are, and President Obama thinks it sucks too.  Pretty much everyone that matters in repealing DADT thinks that it sucks. It’s important to remember that.

During the town hall meeting that President Obama held on MTV, he said, “This is not a question of whether or not the policy will end. This Policy will end, and it will end on my watch.” I still believe him because I think he’s given me reason to.  Stay positive, Goodosphere readers. This policy is almost out. That’s awesome and so is this.

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  1. Sean Rameswaram Says:

    October 22nd, 2010 at 6:18 am

    The question is, can we enjoy laughing at the dark, buried memories of the Van Der Beek?