Double Down: Holy Holi

Double Down: Holy Holi

As we’ve seen this week–without even going to Mardi Gras, cherry blossoms, rattlesnake roundups or venturing too far out of a Western survey–spring means a lot of things to a lot of people. When you look beyound our continental confines, there’s no telling how far away from March Madness you’ll get.

If you end up in Ivrea, Italy you can enjoy or dodge the tiny town’s annual Orange Throwing festival. There’s always some revelry in Brazil during Carnival. And if you prefer to recognize rebirth with the essence of life, Buddhist monks in Japan start a big fire before dousing the flames during the annual Omizutori or Water-Drawing Festival.

It seems no matter where you end up, be it hemisphere north or south, east or west, there is a time of year designated to the richness of life, the potential for rebirth, the vibrancy and colors that make the experience glorious. And nowhere are the springtime colors more glorious than in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and chiefly India during Holi.

Mahesh Kumar / AP

Kevin Frayer / AP

Every spring the region’s Hindus unite to celebrate spring with prayer, food, hijunks, bonfires, and, quite literally, tons of colored powder. It’s all in honor of young Prahlad who miraculously escaped a demoness. It’s all about devotion, hope, and endurance. It’s about showing your true colors. Happy Spring, 2011!

Navesh Chitrakar / AP

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