Nuclear Samurai

Nuclear Samurai

When unconscionable tragedy strikes a people can go any number of ways. Thinking back to recent natural disasters, we’ve seen hopelessness, anger, looting, depression, and despair. We’ve also seen solidarity, perseverance, and extraordinarily stubborn commitment to the cause.

Thankfully, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have given way to far less of the former and much more of the latter. Case and point? The ‘nuclear samurai.’

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These real live superheroes have spent the past three weeks jeopardizing their health for the good of the Japanese people, its earth, its animals. In keeping with the general disposition of the Japanese citizenry since tragedy struck, they have done their most daunting work nobly and with very little fanfare.

The samurai have families. Some of them even have other jobs–they’re just braving the radioactive elements to provide for their people in what is certain to be tough economic times. We can assume their pay will never equal their sacrifice.

Let’s hear it for the heroes.

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