Good Government… Well, At Least A Good Government Getup

Good Government… Well, At Least A Good Government Getup

As you may have noticed, there’s an orgy of ugliness coming out of Washington these days. If you’re paying attention, you’re probably looking for that glimmer of hope and, well, here’s something that at the very least isn’t at all bad (courtesy of the Guardian):

On Monday night, viewers of BBC2’s Newsnight were served an undoubtedly vital, but rather dry discussion between two US politicians about their nation’s looming “debtaggedon”. But the moment the satellite link-up patched through to the two men standing together on Capitol Hill, all watching eyes were quickly diverted to Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat congressman from Oregon.

Even Jeremy Paxman couldn’t resist, ending the interview with the query: “Can I just ask you, Mr Blumenauer, what is that extraordinary green bicycle on your lapel?”

“Well, I am aggressively ‘bike partisan’,” replied Blumenauer, “and this is the congressional bike caucus membership pin.”

The Goods officially can’t wait to see pictures of this man’s junk sitting in his bicycle pattern underwear uploaded to the World Wide Web.

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