The Golden Rule (Applied To Gold And Other Personal Treasure)

The Golden Rule (Applied To Gold And Other Personal Treasure)

When disaster strikes it can bring out the best and worst we humans have to offer. Recently, we caught wind of some more of the former.

The Japanese tsunami swallowed homes, cars and countless other possessions for many affected victims. Worse still, in a culture where cash is often king, the disaster left family fortunes kept in household safes lost and buried under tons of rubble.

And now the good news: Thus far, close to $100 million has been returned!

In the months since the March earthquake and tsunami people have turned in thousands of wallets, purses and yes, even safes. Cash money, antiques, jewelry, all sorts of sundry valuables and straight gold bullion have all been reunited with their rightful owners. At one point, the rate of safe-return was so high that police ran out of space for them.

Good news for the golden rule.

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