Run, Fauja! Run!

Run, Fauja! Run!

Bemoaning the aging process is an especially futile endeavor of which we’re already or soon to be guilty. We all fear death, but to spend one nanosecond of life begrudging its inevitability is to waste the most precious and finite time with which we’re all blessed. It seems that most of the problem stems from the fact that we’re almost all afraid of dying. More often than not, there are ever-publicized reminders that we don’t have to be, that we should savor every moment, adventure through every avenue. Carpe diem!

The most recent reminder of note is surely Fauja Singh. At 100 and a half years of age, Singh completed a marathon in Toronto on his Guru-given legs this past Sunday. The feat wasn’t one world record — it was eight.

How’d he do it? A healthful combination of tea, toast, curry and feeling forever young.

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