Friday Dance: A Guilty Pleasure?

Friday Dance: A Guilty Pleasure?

In an interview about his favorite movies he’s embarrassed to like Quenten Tarantino said, “I keep reading and hearing about guilty pleasure movies. I don’t understand that concept. Why would anybody feel guilty for liking or loving a movie? Or even embarrassed? Do people really have such low self-confidence? I love a lot of movies that are considered bad, but I hesitate to contribute to any ‘guilty pleasure favorites’ list, because I don’t feel guilty or embarrassed about any of them.”

We agree with that sentiment and on this blackest of Fridays present this most audacious of mashups courtesy of one DJ Lobsterdust circa 2007. It’s the kind of song one would feel guilty to enjoy if one were generally misguided about the boundaries of individual taste. It’s not blasphemy. It’s beauty. So throw some shapes to the once in a lifetime collaboration betwixt Queen, David Bowie, Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying Yang Twins. We give you Booty Pressure:

DJ Lobsterdust — Booty Pressure (Bubba Sparxxx vs. Queen) (mashup) by Rock_Mashups

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