There are certain songs, places and films that define Christmas for every cat that’s ever observed. James Brown’s Funky Christmas is a favorite holiday album around Goodosphere HQ. If you live in Los Angeles you may be partial to the lights at Griffith Park. New Yorkers love them some windows. When it comes to film, there’s It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, the many versions of A Christmas Carol (especially if you feel Christmas lacks Muppets!), and the big one for children of the ’80s or ’90s, Home Alone.

Knowing full well the affinity Millennials have for Macaulay, the folks over at the Geek Squad (yes, them) reenacted the entire film in tweets last week.

The Geeks didn’t just tweet out classic lines or choice moments. They created Twitter accounts for all the first installment’s major characters. The list was thorough: @HomeAlone_GS, @KevinM_GS, @KevinsMom_GS, @BanditHarry_GS, @BanditMarv_GS, @Buzz_GS, @KevinsDad_GS, @OldManMarley_GS, @Tarantula_GS, @UncleFrank_GS, @CousinMeg_GS, @CousinLinnie_GS, @CousinHeathr_GS, @NeighborBoy_GS.

Yes, the tarantula has an account. Highlights are available @HomeAlone_GS.

Good job, Geeks.


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