Citizen Tells A Joke: Festivus Pole

Citizen Tells A Joke: Festivus Pole

The War on Christmas is no laughing matter. Nor is the war on Festivus.

Floridian Chaz Stevens is a Festivus Fighter. It is thanks to him that locals see an 8.5 feet of PBR cans towering over a nativity scene and Menorah outside of Deerfield Beach’s fire station. Stevens was girding for a fight when he made the request for a nonreligious installation to accompany the more traditional ones. Fortunately, the noted atheist and self-proclaimed attention whore didn’t get one. The city granted his request almost immediately.

According to the New Times, Stevens has some choice words for those who think the pole is an eyesore: “Ba-fucking-humbug!”

The tribute to Seinfeld is standing tall for now, but what about next year? We can only hope Stevens appeals for perpetual acknowledgement of the secular holiday. Let’s have a “Feats of Strength” and “Airing of Grievances” out in front of the firehouse!

Thanks, Tessa!


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