Have A #Winter

Have A #Winter

[UNPRECEDENTED EDITORIAL NOTE: The other day I was talking to my dear friend, Jeff. He’s a PHD candidate in Toronto who has something like three weeks of vacation to help kick off the winter season. Hearing of his good fortune helped me recall what it was like to check out for a few weeks in December and January to get warm and enjoy family and friends. If you don’t have a friend like Jeff, you can live vicariously through all the lucky bastards on Twitter who are spending their “#winterbreaks” tweeting about living large. — SR]

They call it the most wonderful time of the year for good reason! If you’re fortunate enough, the Holiday season means connecting with loved ones, eating elaborate seasonal treats and taking some tiiime off from work or school to vegetate, celebrate and repeat.

During the last 30 seconds spent in my office in 2012, I rejoiced with a #winterbreak tweet and to my surprise “#winterbreak” provided a lot of positive Twitter energy. One of the platform’s benefits is exploring how the rest of the world feels about, well, anything, and #winterbreak was a big old fountain of Good calls, moods, and vibes.

Some of my favorites include “@AimeeMalia: “My relationship status is sweatpants, oreos, and netflix. #winterbreak” and “@gerardo_flies: “I can’t wait till tomorrow after first period when I get home I’m taking off all of my clothes B-) #winterbreak.”

Well put, Gerardo. Let’s take our pants off and party.

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