Double Down: Song Of The Summer

Double Down: Song Of The Summer

Every summer has its song. If you asked 2012 for hers, she’d probably point you to her girl Carly Rae. 2011 might tell you about his Super Bass. 1994 had The Sign, Sgt. Pepper ruled 1967, and 1936 was all about, well, Summertime.

2013 is different. This year seems to have two songs that, more than any others, are unofficially vying for the top spot in our summer hearts: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Oddly enough, both acts have never seen a hit of such magnitude in their careers and both hits heavily feature the vocal stylings and songwriting prowess of one Pharrell Williams.

So how will the future look back on this fateful year? How will it be decided who owned this summer more? The Robots or the Thicke? We’re guessing it’ll all come down to covers and remixes. How many each garnered and which ones caught on more. The competition is stiff, from locals, internationals, and the artists themselves:

Thanks, Font! Thanks, Aviva!

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