Song Of The Summer, Part II

Song Of The Summer, Part II

A few weeks ago, we brought you some thoughts on the song of the summer. The contest was (hands down) between Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Things have changed.

Four days after Labo(u)r Day, with summer unofficially over, we’re looking back and thinking we were wrong. Get Lucky is undeniably exceptional, but perhaps lacking the uplift needed to wear summer’s sweet crown. Blurred Lines is superlative fun, but its themes are falling short of universal — the children surely appreciate the beat, but how awkward is the explanation of Thicke’s come-ons? Then there’s all that nasty legalese.

Thankfully, there’s a 11th hour dark horse candidate: HAIM’s The Wire. All the requisite elements are present: a supremely poppy beat, relatable lyrics safe for all ages, we’ve got Carly-Rae-style strings to elevate the punch, it’s short enough for radio play (sans edit), and long enough to settle into and bathe in its glorious hook. Let’s hear it for the girls.


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