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The Na'vi-System

Thanks to DCist and Aziz for bringing this gem to the Internets. Na’vi riding the subway home from Sunday’s Earth Day Climate Rally:


I guess he hasn’t tamed him a Toruk yet.

When is destruction fun?

When it happens in 8 bits. A fantastically creative video by One More Production.

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Arts and animation videos.

Creativity is a funny thing. It’s obviously extraordinarily positive, and yet… it can make you so angry! Who do these creative GOODs think they are? Shoving their bullGOOD down our throats? Showing off that they’re so much GOODing smarter than the rest of us? Well, those GOODing GOODbags and take their GOOD and go GOOD themselves.* Here’s Techno Jeep!

* This post was censored by the Goodosphere editorial, and the author has been reprimanded. What the GOOD was he thinking??