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I saw this and thought how sweet it was that these pandas were working together. Adorable really.

Then I couldn’t help but think of another clever animal that uses teamwork for more nefarious purposes:

My point? Don’t turn your back on one of these:

Baby Penguin Says Hello To Baby Dolphin

[The Clearly Dope via @kvanhemert]

The BEARst Of Friends: My Bruin Buddy

Casey Anderson, naturalist and perhaps madman, lives with his unique pet: Brutus, the 800 pound grizzly bear! And before you ask- the image below is 100% Photoshop free according to National Geographic.

Daily Mail.

To some, living with a grizzly bear seems like a very poor idea. But, in all fairness, Anderson has known Brutus for seven years, from the time he was just a cub. Today, the two are so close that the enormous bear frequently shares a kiss with his human friend and even acted as best bear at Casey’s wedding (no reports exist as to what Brutus lined up for the bachelor party). When he isn’t hottubbing with his bear buddy, Casey spends much of his time using his relationship with Brutus to underscore the importance of preserving bears’ natural habitats.

Read Anderson’s thoughtful comments on Timothy Treadwell aka “Grizzly Man” at National Geographic and see some astounding photos at the Daily Mail. Thanks to AB.

Happy Hump Day