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Kal Returns to Kumar, Leaves White House for White Castle

To everyone’s surprise, Kal Penn (a.k.a. Kalpen Modi) left House for the White House about a year ago. Now, according to reports at the all-knowing EW, Penn is resigning his post as Obama’s liaison to Asian community groups in order to return to the silver screen. First up, a third installment in the Harold & Kumar series. Better yet, EW says the trilogy-making sequel will be Christmas-themed. Can’t wait for more of this with some Yuletide cracks:

Stay tuned for updates on my attempts to secure Penn’s vacated post at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Sweet Stereotypes

Not all stereotypes are offensive. Surely Swedes and Danes don’t take offense at being uniformly perceived as statuesque and handsome. I highly doubt that Asians ever object when being lauded for their mathematical acumen. And I know for a fact that Canadians will never try to disprove the near-universal belief in their unfailing politeness.

What does this mean for us? At the very least, these are the stereotypes we can guiltlessly laugh at:

Thanks to Alex.