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The Cuddling Of America

I like a good puff piece as much, nay, more than the next guy. I’m also a big fan of polls and studies that have dubious value or remind us of simple truths that are basically common sense. I know this sounds sarcastic, but I mean it- really I do. With that fact in mind, imagine how excited I was when I read about a new poll conducted by AP and Weather Underground (the meteorological site not the rebels of yore) on the subject of cuddling.

Turns out, given a choice, people would rather snuggle with a special someone than turn to a blanket for warmth. I’m not really surprised, but damned if this ain’t the cutest poll I’ve come across in a long while (Puppy Bowl polls excluded).

(This is what it looks like apparently).

With all the wintry weather of late, I’d guess researchers have found cuddling is on the rise in America. Cold weather has traditionally been linked to ‘snuggling’ which might explain why more babies are born in July, August and September (according to some thing called It must be that sexy long underwear that’s so in fashion.

Anyway, just a reminder to snuggle ’em if you got ’em this winter.

Decision Time

Often times, the Internet makes it too easy. We idly man our mouses and wait for the surfeit of entertainment to passively wash over us. Is this a force of good? Probably. But, I say it’s crunch time, people. It’s time to make a decision, once and for all. Is this the cutest picture ever taken or is this a chilling exhibition of an underfed tyrant seeking sustenance in the form of an achingly cute kitten? BE THE DECIDER.

Never forget!

Sensational Science

This baby’s name is Jonathan. He is 8-months-old and deaf. Science allows him to hear his mother’s voice for the first time and for us to witness the extraordinary moment. Thank you, science.