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A Danceable History Lesson

ESPecially Good News For Budding Psychics

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a peer-edited academic publication, has come out with a paper that supports the notion people may be able to see into the future according to the Telegraph. Other researchers are crying foul and say the findings should have been the subject of ‘more scrutiny’.

The oft-impugned clairvoyant “Miss Cleo” aka Youree Dell Harris.

Experiments conducted by researchers at Cornell University ostensibly demonstrate that students were better at predicting which one of two curtains would reveal an erotic image than they were at predicting where more mundane images would be. The researchers claim that this proves an ability to truly predict future (sexy) events. For good measure, we’ll let James Randi have his say courtesy of TED. We’d also like to point out that we knew you’d read this.

The 80s In One Picture

Not so long ago, we brought you the 90s in one picture. Today, we do the same with the 1980s, particularly the year 1985, which gave birth to Boots, Back to the Future, and the five o’clock shadow (seriously).

Time Warps

I don’t know much about time warps. I know Rocky Horror, Back to the Future, and something about space-time continuums, but the science still stifles

My girl Merriam defines a time warp as an anomaly, discontinuity, or suspension held to occur in the progress of time.

Urban Dictionary just took me right back to where I started.

I digress. The inquisitive folks over at Discovery Channel have apparently had a show solely devoted to the warped nature of time on the air since 2008. It’s called Time Warp and it looks something like this: