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Wilson On Ninjas, Inception And Making Jim Rome Uncomfortable

Look, I’m not a Giants guy. I’m a Dodgers guy. So the Giants have to do something fairly interesting to get me to give them credit for it.

Well, Brian Wilson Giants’ closer, sat down with sports television windbag Jim Rome in September to hash some stuff out. It’s hard to tell if Rome is in on it or just treading water (I’d guess the latter) but their conversation is a gem:

Thanks to A. Rackets. (Go Rangers).

Sans Mascot

This guy, has become a staple in the 8th inning of Dodger’s home games:

I don’t know if this more democratic, raw artform will eventually replace the venerable institution that is team mascots, but Dodgers fans really love dude’s heartfelt rendition of Journey’s opus- “Don’t Stop Believing“. And to be honest, Dodgers fans need something to celebrate right now.

If you’re lucky enough to live within traveling distance of a city that has any kind of a professional sports team, maybe you have someone who does something similar. I don’t get around to other ball parks and stadiums much- could it be that these guys are everywhere? If your team has someone like this then show your pride.

Double Down: The Perfect Game

Baseball is one of those sports people refrain from watching because of its length. Soccer? Too few goals. Tennis? Too dainty. Golf? Too violent. Basketball? Too few genies. Football? Too many criminals. Baseball? Too damn long.

If you’re one to gripe with the tops and bottoms of baseball’s nine, you can probably fathom the incredible difficulty involved in pitching a perfect game — no hits, no walks, no errors. It’s an infrequent feat to say the least. Since the beginning of Major League Time (GMT+o), it’s only happened twenty times. Twenty-one if you count Armando Galarraga.

There’s been quite a kerfuffle since Jim Joyce blew a ninth inning call that would have clinched a perfect game for Galarraga Wednesday night. Since it’s a sacrosanct achievement, we would have suspected nothing but animosity from the parties directly involved, but what’s transpired has shown us why baseball is still revered — despite all the corruption, pigment folly, and roids.

Galarraga didn’t gripe. He paused, smiled, and walked away. Joyce didn’t defend. He apologized. He wept.

It’s nice to be reminded that sports can be civil.

Also, It’s my editorial obligation to remind you that Dock Ellis once pitched a no-hitter while tripping balls on LSD:

"Is This Heaven?" – "It's Iowa."

You may have heard that the property in Iowa where Field of Dreams was filmed is up for sale.

The farm, which belongs to the Lansing family of Eastern Iowa, was built by Universal Studios for the film in the late 1980s. After the success of Field of Dreams, the farm became a tourist attraction operated by the Lansing family. Now, it can be yours for the paltry sum of $5.4M. (Adjusted for the cost of living in The Hawkeye State, that’s about $10 billion).

Still, it’s hard to deny that owning the actual Field of Dreams would be fun. Softball with your chums would be all the more interesting when the liminal spirits of baseball’s greats wandered in from the corn.