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Journalist Tells A Joke: Chicken Shit

Thanks, Nimsy!

The Joy Of Stats: 200 Countries Over 200 Years In 4 Minutes

Hans Rosling is a picture of ebullience. Imagine a Sweedish Bill Nye without the schtick. This man clearly lives on data, but — lucky for us — has a proclivity for showmanship. Here he guides us through 200 years of revolution, development, war, and pestilence and manages to tie the most hopeful of bows around it all. Hopefully you share his optimism:

Thanks, JoJo.

Good Bird, Bad Reflexes

Some good-spirited ribbing courtesy of the BBC.

April Fools?!?

The tradition of unknown origins. The day of tomfoolery. The sucker-punch in calendar manifestation. Yesterday, Goodosphere took the piss. We didn’t allude to spurious spaghetti trees or rename our search engine, but we did post the nasty–something that could only happen in jest. We promise. We feel dirty and regretful about it, kinda like this guy felt after he told little man that he couldn’t be Beyonce: