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Call Us Overdue

Carly Rae Jepsen finally hit #1 on the Billboard charts, so we figured it would be a good time to acknowledge the Canadian phenom. The original music video’s lovely enough, but this one speaks to the universal hysteria much better. Happy Friday!


The late Scottish-Canadian filmmaker and innovator Norman McLaren did pretty incredible things before anyone thought any of them feasible. For that, we call him innovator, pioneer, maven. Want proof? Check out Dots, a short McLaren made in 1940(!) that still holds up as entraining and ingenious some 70 years later. Since the trailblazer had to pretty much invent his own techniques to capture his vision the animation and sound were actually painstakingly scratched and drawn onto each frame of the film stock.

Riot Later, Kiss Now

The Bruins beat the Canucks last night. Some crazy Canadians took to the streets to riot. Some took to the streets to kiss. For real. These two were spotted rounding second in the middle of the melee. Make love, not war.

Photo courtesy of Rich Lam