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Double Down: To The Big Man

Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons was one of the most prominent members of America’s best band and that’s not at all a reference to his ursine build. The tenor sax was built to be played with his passion. He will be missed and remembered:

Double Down: Crosby, Smith, Springsteen, & Young

In a rare performance, Neil Young and The Boss took to Jimmy Fallon’s stage two nights ago to rep for hair, back and forth. The seminal rockers covered Willow Smith’s Internet sensation and confidence builder “Whip My Hair.” True to his name, Young appears to be getting younger by the day:

And we’d be remiss to exclude the original, in which the precocious, 10-year-old Willow Smith brings the party to an otherwise bland room of youngsters:

Apologies to The Garden State

In keeping with Goodosphere ethos, I must note that this post is in no way a stab at New Jersey. After all, taking a stab at the muchmaligned third signatory of the Constitution wouldn’t exactly make for a compelling read, nor much of a foray into unfamiliar territory. However you may feel about Jersey Shore, the smell, or the pollution, it’s wise to remember that this is the birthplace of The Boss, the boss, and the man The Economist calls a modern day Socrates.

Irrespective of its contributions and many glorifications, there will always be two schools of thought on what moniker best couches all that is Jersey. Wikipedia’s New Jersey entry references “the Garden State” six times, but not once features the word armpit. A google of “Armpit of America” yields some 700,000 results and all of the most frequented ones that don’t refer to a dubious Washington Post article that bestowed the title on Battle Mountain, Nevada refer to New Jersey. The poor man’s Webster’s, Urban Dictionary, features just one definition for the ignominious title:

1. Armpit of America

New Jersey

As Bob approached the border of PA, he could see the sign that always brightened his day up:

“Welcome to Pennsylvania.”

“Ahhh, I feel better already” thought Bob.

NPR’s Peter Sagal — host of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and New Jersey native — tried to make some sense of the dichotomy between Garden State and Armpit of America with mixed results. What seems to be certain is that haters gonna hate and New Jersey is in fact exceptionally trashed and polluted. Thus, we don’t have to feel bad about laughing at Jay’s tattoo of the Armpit of America all up in his armpit: