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Random Knowledge

Know anything about the Formiche di Grosseto? They’re a collection of tiny islands in the Tuscan archipelago. Heard the word? The Chipmunks spent two weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 Chart in 1959. Hard to believe but it’s true. And how’s this grab ya: the Bumblebee Bat is recognized as the smallest mammal on earth (Team Etruscan Shrew– don’t step to this).

I’ve learned these and other interesting(?) facts and now, you can too! How? It’s easy friend- the ‘Random Article’ link on Wikipedia brings pointless information straight to your fingertips.

(Thank you MS Paint)

Step 1: Click the link
Step 2: Click it again probably (lot’s of articles are about malls in Canada)
Step 3: Let the random knowledge seep in
Step 4: Repeat

Before you know it, you’ll be rocking it at Trivial Pursuit and upping your OCD meds. Who says you can’t know everything?