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Girl Cat

Greg Gillis, known for being the sole member of Girl Talk and having a better record collection than the rest of us, has a cat. Greg Gillis’ cat is now known to the world as the best feline Ed Roland impersonator since… um…

Guys, Greg Gillis’ cat is the first feline Ed Roland impersonator!


Cutest unlikely pairing since Milo and Otis.

Cleaning Cat

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to enjoy a cat using an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner to amble about a bathroom:

Thanks, J. Babs.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Cats On Acid

This week, Goodopal Willie tells a joke from a noisy red pixelated watering hole.

Look Who’s Talking 4: Look Harder

Inexplicably, we haven’t had an animal post in some time. Let’s correct course with cats:

Thanks, Nicole.

Best Halloween Costume Ever (Part 1)

Thanks, Jaybabs.

Double Down: ANIMALS!

I won’t lie. It’s easy to find animal content for Goodosphere–not because there’s so much good and original animal content out there, but because it’s not really subjective. Animals can do no wrong. If you stumble upon that ethereal dolphin or showering owl, chance are people will enjoy the share.

We haven’t had some good animal videos in a while. Let’s do the double down.


Thanks to Kelly.


Thanks to Sunil.

Who You Gonna Call? Not Cat Lassie, I Hope

In my limited experience, I’ve found both cats and dogs to be utterly useless in emergencies, but it seems the general consensus is that most sleep sounder with a dog in the house. I did some research and was highly disturbed by my findings:

Decision Time

Often times, the Internet makes it too easy. We idly man our mouses and wait for the surfeit of entertainment to passively wash over us. Is this a force of good? Probably. But, I say it’s crunch time, people. It’s time to make a decision, once and for all. Is this the cutest picture ever taken or is this a chilling exhibition of an underfed tyrant seeking sustenance in the form of an achingly cute kitten? BE THE DECIDER.

Never forget!

Happy Birthday… Laser?

This year marks the laser’s 50th Anniversary and fans of the laser are celebrating the innovation that made this nail-biting moment possible:

Lasers, which began as a ‘scientific curiosity’, are now used in medicine, defense, optics, manufacturing, and many other fields. It’s hard to imagine a laserless existence. Ponder, if you will, what Office Space would be without our trusty friend the laser printer. Consider what your cat would¬†do¬†without his laser pointer nemesis. Frightening questions indeed…

We should point out that lasers aren’t just for tormenting pets or blowing up Alderaan; lasers have practical applications too. From DVD players to price guns, lasers are an integral part of every day life.

True laser afficionados should check out LaserFest, a year-long celebration of all things laser. Read more at