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Double-Down: Compassionate Canines

The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” – Mark Twain

In light of recent world events, some of you might be developing some un-Goodosphere-like attitudes about your fellow man or at least a few of them. But do not despair! We need only look to man’s best friends for a shining example of how to treat each other.

This Japanese video is making headlines worldwide. It shows a camera crew stumbling upon a frantic pooch amidst the destruction in the Arahama area of Japan. As it turned out, the lovable mutt had been faithfully watching over another dog- presumably a chum- who’d been injured in the disaster.

If the loyalty and compassion dogs are capable of was in doubt- here’s another testament to it from deep in the Goodo-archives:

Looks like good ol’ Mark (or Sam) had it right a 100 years ago.

Double Down: CHI! CHI! CHI! LE! LE! LE!

Hugo Infante/Government of Chile

Having once seen a Chilean miner, I feel compelled to share a few words on the developments of the past 24 hours in the world’s longest nation.

Chile catches a lot of flak and gets little love. When people think pisco, they think Peru. When people think Patagonia, it’s often Argentina. Chile is ignominiously affiliated with Pinochet and the Chicago boys, but hardly anyone ever mentions that it was the first nation to democratically elect a Marxist (Goodosphere openly endorses only one form of Marxism).

Here’s hoping this mining debacle changes all that. Apart from all the jokes and mistresses, this improbable rescue has united the nation, the continent, and — thanks to the 24-hour news cycle — the world. This is the dyslexic moon landing of our time, people.

¡Viva Chile!

Bonus Update: Black Francis announces that the Pixies will be playing 33 songs in honor of the rescued miners during their first-ever headlining set last night in Santiago de Chile:

(Thanks to the Forks!)

Double Down: ANIMALS!

I won’t lie. It’s easy to find animal content for Goodosphere–not because there’s so much good and original animal content out there, but because it’s not really subjective. Animals can do no wrong. If you stumble upon that ethereal dolphin or showering owl, chance are people will enjoy the share.

We haven’t had some good animal videos in a while. Let’s do the double down.


Thanks to Kelly.


Thanks to Sunil.