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GOOD Friday

With so many Christmas songs, we thought it would be worthy to showcase one of the few Good Friday songs out there:

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Seasonal Fare

Double Down: All Of The (Christmas) Lights

For a state with a sizable energy crisis on its hands, California is a veritable hotbed of Christmas light excess. Residents, industry, and even state parks team up to ensure that every last house, tree, tunnel, and boat is bedecked in Yuletide.

The tradition isn’t exclusive. In fact, it sometimes seems divorced of the Christian connotation, pagan even. It may have more to do with sharing something bright and beautiful with your fellow man. In Awesometown, this tradition has manifested itself in the form of a full on radio show spectacular on one unassuming block. A Disney Imagineer has been treating passersby to quite a seasonal show. All they have to do is tune into a shortwave transmission on their car radios and they get to bear witness to stuff like this:

Or, in the spirit of Guitar Hero, this:

It’s hard to find a flaw with such ingenious effort. It may be tempting to roll down your window and yell, “Unsustainable!!!” but nobody likes a Scrooge. One thing that is objectionable, is the total lack of Slayer, but if that’s your thing, a Southland neighbor has you covered: