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Goodosphere Tells A Joke

Peep Show

An email from my Austrian cousin, Kevin:

Happy Easter! The Lord has Risen 🙂
Easter greetings to everyone at home! Hope you have a blessed Easter and an great year ahead!

May God Bless you,

Everyone one over here in Austria!

I don’t know if I’ll make it to church today, but I’ll certainly cook a feast and judging from the lines at the local grocer yesterday, I won’t be alone. The radio just wished me a great Easter weekend, so I’m guessing the general consensus is that today means something to more than half of gen pop.

Putting your feelings about the end of the blessed Lenten season, Passover, and Cadbury Creme Eggs aside, I’m sure most anyone can get behind the Washington Post’s fourth annual Peeps Diorama Contest. This year, the Peep show garnered some 1000 entries, covering every facet of pop culture, pun, and Pixar. The winner? Eep (click for video about the entry):

2010 Peep Contest winner

Though Eep easily had winsome craftsmanship, others dioramas may tickle you a little more. Check out the slideshow of this year’s finalists and enjoy a Goodosphere sampling of past gems:

Sully Saves

Goodnight Peep

Super Peepio Bros


Happy Peespter Easter, unless you live in Boulder Colorado. Take it away Stephen:

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