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Our *American* Canuck

So, our very own founder and Editor-In-Chief, Sean enriched the fabric of this great nation today (more to follow on that) and it all got me thinking. Goodosphere, much like America, is a melting pot and one of the biggest ingredients in said pot is Canadian expats. Sounds cannibalistic, but stay with me here.

I was thinking about what would make a GOOD, patriotic post in honor of Sean’s newfound citizenship and I began to sift through a veritable treasure trove of American GOODness. Then I realized that what I really ought to do is salute Canada- The Great White North that gave us Moranis, Foley, Sean and Nimesh. That’s when I remembered that the Canucks (paging Nim…) have their first game of Round 2 tonight. Suddenly, I had just the video to celebrate our man of two countries (whom we are delighted to share with our neighbors to the north): Sean.

This one’s for you big guy.

(American citizens: this video depicts two Canucks [a Canadian hockey team {a sport played on ice with sticks and a puck}] fans in green spandex suits [“The Green Men”] mocking a member of the opposing team at a hockey game. If that ain’t American, I don’t know what is.)