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Carl Sagan Of Mars

In our more reflective, melancholic moments, I’m sure we all wonder what we’re going to miss after we die. Whether it’s personal — our children, grandchildren — or on a grander scale. In my own moments of reflection, as exciting as it is to be alive during our first baby steps into space… I can’t help but wonder, in awe, about the incredible things we will do and lengths we will travel in a future that I sadly won’t be alive to see.

Carl Sagan was arguably more reflective than any of us, and I find comfort in knowing that he felt the same way. He knew the inevitable would come after his death, regardless of budget cuts or a continuously pervasive lack of wonder, and he left a message.

A message for the travelers to Mars.

Human Curiosity and the Lava Lamp Centrifuge

Here’s to the people who follow their curiosity to extremes! The people who don’t shrug off questions when the answers are going to takes some work to obtain! The people who build Erector Set centrifuges in their apartments to find out what Lava Lamps would do in a high gravity environment!

This plucky go-getter did just that.  Highlights from the build include “The centrifuge is a genuinely terrifying device…” and “Runs were conducted from the relative safety of the next room while peeking through a crack in the door.”

Get out there and build something awesome!

The builder’s writeup about the Lava Lamp Centrifuge