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California Son

2010 will be remembered for all sorts of goodness. The year we took a step towards equality. The year we began commercial space flight in earnest. The year porpoises prevented us from losing Dick Van Dyke.

Regrettably, things have been less great in The Golden State. Arnold’s on his way out with unemployment rates close to the worst in the nation, deficits at historic highs, and more cuts to education inevitable.

Though things are beyong tough, there have been glimmers of hope in California. Dr. Dre is back, the sate is leading by example on cap and trade, and Dennis Ferguson just cut the treasury a check for $10,000.

Back in 1964, Mr. Furguson was laid off from Douglas Aircraft in Southern California. In dire straits, the engineer applied for unemployment and eventually received about $1,100. The money allowed him to go back to school and study computer programming. He went on to a successful second career and eventually retired in South Carolina. When he got wind of California’s budgetary woes he decided to pay back his unemployment with interest, telling state officials “Anyone who is helped out when they are down ought to give something back, especially now that California has budget problems.”

Furguson’s efforts did not fall on deaf ears. State Treasurer Bill Lockyer showed his appreciation in a statement: “I hope that as we work together to meet our budget challenges, we keep in mind his act of generosity and the spirit it embodies.” Since the $10,000 was not addressed to any specific recipient, the money will go toward the general public schools fund where it will undoubtedly serve to reaffirm the spirit of the season.