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The Joy Of Stats: 200 Countries Over 200 Years In 4 Minutes

Hans Rosling is a picture of ebullience. Imagine a Sweedish Bill Nye without the schtick. This man clearly lives on data, but — lucky for us — has a proclivity for showmanship. Here he guides us through 200 years of revolution, development, war, and pestilence and manages to tie the most hopeful of bows around it all. Hopefully you share his optimism:

Thanks, JoJo.

Thinking Outside The Burbs

The suburbs have been on the tip of a lot of tongues lately. Thanks to Arcade Fire’s top-selling meditation and quasi-revolutionary music video, at least a couple of people are mulling over past and present connections to cookie-cutter houses, pool parties, and strip malls.

While we’re on the subject, I propose that we take greater chances in sprawl. In my experience, developers utilize every last available piece of land to create a grid of profitable properties, but would advocating for more public space and greenery create more cohesive communities? Probably.

Nestled within an otherwise unremarkable lot of middle-class dwellings in the town of Brøndby, Denmark is this gem:

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Not only is this patchwork of crop-circlesque mini-communities fetching to extraterrestrial life forms, but it’s a reminder that we’re human after all. We prefer progress to stagnation; we’re unflagging in our desire for space, freedom, and spontaneous games of frisbee golf. Three cheers for circular thinking.