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Double-Down: Compassionate Canines

The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” – Mark Twain

In light of recent world events, some of you might be developing some un-Goodosphere-like attitudes about your fellow man or at least a few of them. But do not despair! We need only look to man’s best friends for a shining example of how to treat each other.

This Japanese video is making headlines worldwide. It shows a camera crew stumbling upon a frantic pooch amidst the destruction in the Arahama area of Japan. As it turned out, the lovable mutt had been faithfully watching over another dog- presumably a chum- who’d been injured in the disaster.

If the loyalty and compassion dogs are capable of was in doubt- here’s another testament to it from deep in the Goodo-archives:

Looks like good ol’ Mark (or Sam) had it right a 100 years ago.


Keep your John Cage! I’m all about Tucker.

Thanks to MB for sharing this musical Schnoodle.

Happiness Is A Motorcycle Ride In The Rain With Your Two Dogs

Double Down: ANIMALS!

I won’t lie. It’s easy to find animal content for Goodosphere–not because there’s so much good and original animal content out there, but because it’s not really subjective. Animals can do no wrong. If you stumble upon that ethereal dolphin or showering owl, chance are people will enjoy the share.

We haven’t had some good animal videos in a while. Let’s do the double down.


Thanks to Kelly.


Thanks to Sunil.

Who You Gonna Call? Not Cat Lassie, I Hope

In my limited experience, I’ve found both cats and dogs to be utterly useless in emergencies, but it seems the general consensus is that most sleep sounder with a dog in the house. I did some research and was highly disturbed by my findings:

Cute Meets Noble

reddit via The Daily What

Double-Down: Raccoon and Hound

As a kid, I loved 1981’s The Fox and the Hound (tearful tale that it is). I have to say though, The Raccoon and the Hound might make one helluva sequel:

I wonder what percentage of raccoons in captivity are named “Bandit”. Probably at least as many as there are dogs named “Scout”. Also, is the videographer wearing any pants? What the hell kind of house is this?

Next, we have these tender warriors who really made me chuckle:

Who knew this was such a thing? These might be the most adorable playfighting pets I’ve ever seen. Here’s to our urban critters and domesticated wolves living in faux-ferocious harmony.

Good Friday

I’ll be honest with you, do-Gooders: I don’t have much of a post for you today.

You see, right now Sean is probably drinking a Fin Du Monde in the streets of Toronto while sporting a Blue Jays cap, Collin is spinning plates, and Nimesh – I don’t know what Nimesh is doing but I hope it involves NIN or Iron Man 2. So, it falls to me to write a post.

Why does there have to be a post on a late Friday afternoon on a site few people even read that dozens depend on for their daily dose of faith-affirming decency? Because the good don’t stop (don’t let the beat drop).

This post isn’t about nanorobots curing cancer or dogs that sing opera or anything like that (although maybe it should be). It’s just about Friday. Not this Friday. And not this Friday either. Not even this Friday.

Why are Fridays good? Well, I’m surprised you have to ask. For most of the world, it’s the last day of work in a given week. Friday is optimism, anticipation. Friday is promise and hope and an imminent feeling of joy. Friday is just good.

So, that’s it. Friday = good. That’s the big revelation today. Just go out and enjoy it. Or stay in. Or take a nap. Or exert yourself. I don’t care- it’s your Friday after all- that’s the beauty of it. But whatever you do, TGIF from Goodosphere.

Yo Quiero Frozen Yogurt?

Courtesy of

Best. Day. Ever.

It’s Saturday. Feel the potential in the ether. If not, take a look at your dog or the neighbor’s. Chances are he’s/she’s feeling it (courtesy of The Onion). Click to enlarge: