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Goodosphere Series: SPRING vol. I

All this week we’re going to feature photos and videos that capture that annual institution, that restorative season of rebirth: spring.

To kick things off we bring you these playful pachyderms enjoying a springtime dip at the Houston Zoo:

Thanks A.McA.

Miracle Elephant Transcends Birth, Death

Some elephant in Australia decided to mate with another Austral pachyderm and produced a baby that ele-docs claimed would be DOA (not the Jay-Z kind). Vets at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo predicted the 255-pound calf was dead after failing to find any vital signs during the mother’s six days of labor. When mom was ready to pop, a solemn crowd of onlookers attended — expecting nothing more than a regrettable stillborn birth, but after little Dumbo laid out and claimed a piece of earth, he decided to switch it up on ’em.

Turns out, the elephant was in a coma during labor and soon after being born, decided he was over the whole coma scene. Sources say the male calf found his coma to be “overly comatose.”