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Roll With It

It’s a sight for sore eyes, a friendly reminder, the end of a bathroom era, the ever-lamented remnant of what once was; and you may never see it again.


The toilet paper roll may be going the way of the dinosaur.

I know what you’re thinking, “I come to Goodosphere for GOOD news, not this tragic rubbish about … rubbish.”

I’ll take the bait.

According to Kimberly Clark, owner of TP behemoth Scott, 17 billion cardboard toilet paper tubes are discarded every year. That equates to about 160 million pounds of trash.

The solution? “Tube-Free” TP — toilet paper that’s been painstakingly wound to suit your spindles.

The Tube-Free TP will allow Kimberly Clark to stop flushing cardboard dollars down the proverbial loo, though it remains to be seen wether those savings will be reflected in consumer costs. Either way, it’s a net gain for Mother Earth and that’s GOOD enough for us.

Double Double Down: A Tale of Two Friday Posts: The Plastic Bag Mockumentary Experience

In recent years, the world of bio-documentary has achieved new levels of informative, insightful programming. Recent projects, such as Planet Earth, have illuminated mysteries of the deep sea, the harsh Sahara, and the freezing Arctic. Now, the world of bio-documentary turns its watchful gaze to that wayward rogue, that wandering son, the plastic bag.

First, for your viewing pleasure, we bring you The Majestic Plastic Bag.

Breathtaking. Next, we present Plastic Bag by Ramin Bahrani. This emotional exploration of the life of a bag is narrated by none other than Werner Herzog himself. Enjoy.

What will the future researchers and documentary filmmakers discover about the not-so-elusive plastic bag and what will these revelations tell us about ourselves? I don’t know but I hope that Werner Herzog narrates it.

The Muck Stops Here?

It’s been 87 days since the BP Oil Spill began mucking up life. Now for the first time, however temporarily, the crude gushing into the gulf has been stopped.

BP CEO Tony Hayward, pictured here, was delighted with the results and decided to treat himself to a fudgecicle.

BP is performing a test that will hopefully, finally allow them to then cap the spill once and for all. For my part, I’ll take whatever good news we can get and ask that the world collectively cross its fingers as the test continues.

Update: We’ve learned that the above photo is actually Gloppy the Molasses Monster of Candy Land, not an oil-smeared Tony Hayward.

Good Egg: Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall knows more about life than you do. There’s no two ways about it. Not only has she lived it, but she’s studied mongrels and primates longer than any of us have been alive. Here’s a woman who went into the wild and skipped the inevitable Darwinian bit about survival of the fittest.

What’s most comforting about her story arc is that she found a personal paradise in the remote jungles of Africa (17:50 in the video), but returned to the normative experience with a vital message: humans can be deliberately evil, but we also built the Sistine Chapel. Essentially, “C’mon people! Suppress the hate and champion the love.” All this from time with the chimps.

She invokes a higher power to explain the ineffable in us, but doesn’t get preachy. Instead, Dr. Jane makes an appeal to humanism and preservationism.

Spend 10 minutes with total composure and admirable clarity of vision:

And on a related, hyper-obnoxious, though not quite regretful note, a chimpanzee riding a Segway: