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And Now, Great Moments In Mall Santa Photos

Father and daughter, both at the age of one:

Indifferent babe, cooperative Kris Kringle:

Brewing Beer Gets A Little Hairy

What’s 34-years-old, black and white, and yeasty enough to form the foundations of your favorite new microbrew? For better or worse, the answer is this man’s beard:

John Maier (not that one) of Newport, Oregon’s Rogue Ales has been wearing the brewmaster hat for more than twenty years–almost as long as he’s been wearing that sea of salt and pepper on his cheeks and chin. Rogue’s always tinkering with the formula, and after a recent attempt to harvest yeast from its own hop yard failed, they turned to Maier’s face fur. The results should be bottled by next year, barring the apocalypse.

Thanks, Logan.