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We’ve Got A Badass Over Here

“I create what I create. When I’m fortunate enough to create a work, that’s the end of it in my mind. Where it’s placed, where it goes, what people say about it, that is really not my department. I’m in Lingerie, I’m not in Hardware, you know?”

— Peabody Award-winning composer (as of Tuesday) Henry Threadgill

Mama Mia!

A whole generation of youth grew up on Nintendo (and less so, Sega) and seem determined to pay homage for the rest of their lives. Take this whippersnapper I ran into in Chicago:

It’s a relationship that we’ll likely never see repeated again. Having a tattoo of that sleazy drug dealer from GTA III Miami Vice just isn’t the same. The confluence of adventure, graphics, colors, characters, and music made those halcyon early days of Nintendo a once in a lifetime experience. And the World Wide Web will forever teem with tribute: