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Vintage Friday

It’s been a great summer for Friday.

There was that one Friday and then there was Last Friday. At the end of they day (and week), the more celebrations of Friday we have, the better.

On that note, some classic Friday (before Next, After Next, etc.):

Damn is right. Looking good, Friday.

Thanks, Cube.

Good Friday

I’ll be honest with you, do-Gooders: I don’t have much of a post for you today.

You see, right now Sean is probably drinking a Fin Du Monde in the streets of Toronto while sporting a Blue Jays cap, Collin is spinning plates, and Nimesh – I don’t know what Nimesh is doing but I hope it involves NIN or Iron Man 2. So, it falls to me to write a post.

Why does there have to be a post on a late Friday afternoon on a site few people even read that dozens depend on for their daily dose of faith-affirming decency? Because the good don’t stop (don’t let the beat drop).

This post isn’t about nanorobots curing cancer or dogs that sing opera or anything like that (although maybe it should be). It’s just about Friday. Not this Friday. And not this Friday either. Not even this Friday.

Why are Fridays good? Well, I’m surprised you have to ask. For most of the world, it’s the last day of work in a given week. Friday is optimism, anticipation. Friday is promise and hope and an imminent feeling of joy. Friday is just good.

So, that’s it. Friday = good. That’s the big revelation today. Just go out and enjoy it. Or stay in. Or take a nap. Or exert yourself. I don’t care- it’s your Friday after all- that’s the beauty of it. But whatever you do, TGIF from Goodosphere.