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Tennis Is Back

The US Open begins in earnest on Monday and we’re stoked. Not because we’re going to see world class tennis played for two weeks, though that is surely a significant part of it. We’re stoked because it’s an exciting time for the game. It’s going global, getting younger, growing in diversity, and getting a little more unpredictable.

Take the C-Walk performed by Serena Williams upon winning gold at the London Games. Along with Fox News, who laid out a fair amount of criticism, we recognize that the Crip Walk is a symbol of gang culture, violence, and exclusivity. At the same time, we recognize the fact that growing up in Compton usually means you can kiss those dreams of being the world’s best tennis player goodbye at an early age. In the face of untold adversity Serena managed to rise above and accomplished her wildest dream a few weeks ago. You can’t hate on her for celebrating with a few hometown moves. You can only hope it happens again.