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The Season

The ‘holiday season’. It’s a good time to do good things. Some people knock it. They can’t see past the commercialism. They probe the ironies and hypocrisies (there are plenty) of the holiday spirit. But, whatever your feelings on it, most people hit their annual high for ‘goodwill toward men’ (you too ladies) around this time of year and that’s worth celebrating.

For my part, I’m more aware of the little things. People hold doors for each other. Passersby say hello. Neighbors drop by with gifts. People say sorry when they’re in wrong. Generosity abounds. Lovers draw closer. Families unite.

Sure, you’ll have the toy store stampedes, the parking space brawls and the steady flow of indecency that can’t be completely stymied. But, Ebenezers, if you aren’t taking advantage of the Season of Giving, the Yuletide Spirit, if you aren’t giving and receiving and making merry–you’re missing out. Here’s to the innocents, the believers, the do-gooders and forgivers. Here’s to the most wonderful time of the year.

Now, I have some doors to hold.
Happy Holidays.