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Double Down: He-Man Redux

I watched He-Man as a kid. The popular 80s cartoon is now (in)famous for its ‘fabulous’ themes that may have affected kids in curious ways they’re only now beginning to fully realize. But, I digress…

In the intervening years, some millenials (look it up slacker) have had some fun with our cherished childhood muscle man (no, not Stretch). Turns out there was always more to He-Man than met our young, impressionable eyes. First, we not-so-proudly present this humorous abomination:

Wow. That certainly gave me a head change. Next, an oldie but a goodie:

I think I found my new daily affirmation video! Kudos to those who waited past the one minute mark for this video to really take off. Intrepid souls indeed.

Sure, it’s hip and ironic (the two become more and more closely related) to embrace the He-Man again. But few cartoons were as memorable and over-the-top as the Prince of Eternia was. Surely, He-Man has more to teach us, more to share. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short and mildly disturbing trip down memory lane- I know I did.