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Rainbow, Rainbow

Look folks, I love a good Double Rainbow as much as the next guy- well, actually no I guess I don’t. This guy really loves Double Rainbows:

But now, there’s other versions of this footage popping up. Like this one. Is this crazed hippy the illegitimate child of Carl Sagan and T-Pain? Maybe- autotune disorders are genetic. And eating cereal? Yup. Watching TV? Sure. Double Cloud. I guess. This is just the first 48-72 hours folks. We’ll continue monitoring the Double Rainbow cultural phenomenon as it develops. Oh, and by the way, Rainbows on are the list of known miracles I believe.

Thanks to A.B.

Questions for Goodosphere III

Canadians are clearly wondering about what in Sam Hill is going through his head. That and the genesis of Donkey Kong’s name:

Questions for Goodosphere II

We should all take comfort in the fact that “how can I help haiti?” is amongst the ranks of the rest of these critical queries. Click to enlarge some good Internet:

Via questions for Google.