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How To Dress Like James Bond

Few fictional characters have inspired men to wear a suit to the extent that James Bond has.” – The Suits of James Bond [via @jesusdiaz]

Happy Birthday… Laser?

This year marks the laser’s 50th Anniversary and fans of the laser are celebrating the innovation that made this nail-biting moment possible:

Lasers, which began as a ‘scientific curiosity’, are now used in medicine, defense, optics, manufacturing, and many other fields. It’s hard to imagine a laserless existence. Ponder, if you will, what Office Space would be without our trusty friend the laser printer. Consider what your cat would do without his laser pointer nemesis. Frightening questions indeed…

We should point out that lasers aren’t just for tormenting pets or blowing up Alderaan; lasers have practical applications too. From DVD players to price guns, lasers are an integral part of every day life.

True laser afficionados should check out LaserFest, a year-long celebration of all things laser. Read more at BusinessWire.com