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And Sunday Comes Afterwards. I Don’t Want This Weekend To End

Big ups to the Font.

Double Down: The Curious Case Of Robert Sylvester Kelly

We all know that R. Kelly has done some stupid things, but most of our geniuses have had their quirks. All we can do is hope that they manage to strike some sort of equilibrium, that they can shower (no golden) us with their words, their art, their gift, and keep the foibles in check.

Since falling from grace, R. Kelly has made a case for absolution. Need evidence? One word: Ignition (Remix). I could easily list 100 reasons why Robert’s rapturous chestnut of a club jam is better than anything, ever, but it’s already been done. The good didn’t stop there: Since 2003’s Chocolate Factory, Kells has bequeathed the tempting-to-post-in-its-entirety Trapped in the Closet hip-hopera, countless summer jams, the funniest faux-confessional ever uploaded to YouTube, unspeakable album art, R&B yodeling, and the most definitive songs about nightlife ever written. The man’s filler is better, or at least more interesting, than the hits most hip-hop and R&B artists can muster.

We haven’t even addressed the fact that Kelly is one hell of a showman. No one can better attest to the sublime mystery of R. Kelly live than Aziz Ansari:

It may seem that the sheer cryptic craziness of Kells’ show is what makes it the hot ticket, but Aziz is remiss not to mention the fact that, when he wants to, R. Kelly can rock the house like no other. Here he is on the other Jimmy’s late night show earlier this week:Killer transition from specs to shades.

Robert Sylvester Kelly: Misogynist? Maybe. Megalomaniac? Without a doubt. Genius? Surely. Crazed libertine? Proudly. Deserving of your forgiveness? We certainly hope so.

Double Down: Crosby, Smith, Springsteen, & Young

In a rare performance, Neil Young and The Boss took to Jimmy Fallon’s stage two nights ago to rep for hair, back and forth. The seminal rockers covered Willow Smith’s Internet sensation and confidence builder “Whip My Hair.” True to his name, Young appears to be getting younger by the day:

And we’d be remiss to exclude the original, in which the precocious, 10-year-old Willow Smith brings the party to an otherwise bland room of youngsters: