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Best Halloween Costume Ever (Part 1)

Thanks, Jaybabs.


In an effort to sell a few more POÄNG chairs Ikea recently released 100 cats into one of its UK stores. Then they proceeded to film the results and package it into a well-shot, feel-good commercial.

Bonus behind the scenes footage here.

Double bonus, this classic Spike Jonze Ikea ad.

Decision Time

Often times, the Internet makes it too easy. We idly man our mouses and wait for the surfeit of entertainment to passively wash over us. Is this a force of good? Probably. But, I say it’s crunch time, people. It’s time to make a decision, once and for all. Is this the cutest picture ever taken or is this a chilling exhibition of an underfed tyrant seeking sustenance in the form of an achingly cute kitten? BE THE DECIDER.

Never forget!

Meow! Redux

This cat has an obsession too. He likes to watch…