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Aiden’s Monsters (With A Double Down Of Marshmellows)

Aiden's Dracula

The Goodosphere is all about the Good causes, and today we bring you Aiden’s Monsters. Aiden Reed is 5 years old, and before he was diagnosed with leukemia his favourite thing to do was draw monsters. With his parents snowed under due to chemo bills, his aunt had an idea to make prints and sell them on Etsy. Her plan was to try and sell 60. So far? The tally is 2460. So readers, support a good cause and buy one of Aiden’s Monsters! Haven’t you been looking for some art anyway?

And like all Double Downs, here is a completely unrelated, ridiculously cute video: The Marshmellow Test!

Monster Cakes Are Good

For me it started with this Cthulhu-themed cake (note the severed arm and party hat ensemble).

Then I moved on to the hard stuff: