my dad taught me how to play mario games and i’ll never forget it

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It's-a Me, Mario!

I’m not very good at playing video games. The last console I had any measurable skill at was released in 1991, and you can ask any of the fellow Goodosphere posters known for their epic Super Smash Bros. sessions which Rameswaram brother will rock Kirby for all eternity and which Rameswaram brother silently weeps in the back of the room, longing for the sense of belonging just outside of his grasp. If there’s any game I can rock regardless of year, platform, or age though… it’s a Mario game. It’s not just a casual experience to me, nay, it’s a quest. Every Dragon/Star/Red/Blue/Whatever! Coin must be found, every hidden entrance revealed, every secret discovered. Just look at how I decorate my apartment! (Mulhern not included.)

All this preamble is leading towards what, you ask? A good cause, and an immediate one. Right now, the MARIO MARATHON is going on, where three players have been playing through every Mario game since 11 yesterday morning. They’re playing for donations for Child’s Play, a charity that as a kid who spent more time than I care to remember in hospitals, I can certainly appreciate.

It’s a wonderful idea, to use what some (or many) would certainly describe as a pointless, time-wasting skill for a good cause. And seeing that this is the third year the Mario Marathon has been running, needless to say, it’s working.┬áCongratulations are in order for these three motivated gamers, and I only wish I could join them in their, well… quest.