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When there's no one left in your library, who you gonna call?

In the age of Netflix, torrents, and page turning on a svelte plane of glass, it’s easy to forget that your local librarian cares and loves to share. Lest we forget, going to the library is one of the greatest downloads of all time.

New York knows. Well, the city’s officials certainly don’t — luxuries like knowledge are sadly the first to go when the times get tough. The city of New York is proposing a $37 million dollar cut to the New York Public Library (NYPL), but the NYPL is busting back with a winsome public relations campaign, enlisting the help of comedy group Improv Everywhere and various somethings strange:

Improv Everywhere

Hoping to stave off the measure that would potentially close 10 libraries and drastically cut back hours, the library dug in its heels with a 21st century PR onslaught. Once they employed the services of their friendly neighborhood Ghostbusters, librarians across the city were at long last able to assure bygone patrons that it was indeed safe to return to the vaulted ceilings and endless shelves for some socialized librarycare.